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The LinkedIn Ninja and SocialBee have joined forces to offer the ONLY LinkedIn Lead Generation Service that is 100% automation-free, powered by more than a decade of LinkedIn Ninja expertise, and driven by the affordable concierge services from SocialBee.

To make life easier I’ll be referring to our partnership as: NinjaBee!

Why “Automation-Free” when so many other LinkedIn Lead Generation services tout their automation as a great benefit?

The use of automation is against LinkedIn’s Terms of Service and people using the automated services and software are losing their LinkedIn accounts every day! LinkedIn is highly focused on shutting down anyone they suspect of using automation.

LinkedIn’s search capabilities – while good – are not perfect. Just because someone lands in the search results, that does not mean they are in your target market. You need a human being to review the profile and confirm it’s someone who should be invited to connect.

Automation is a numbers game that requires a VERY broadly defined target market in order to get a prospect pool big enough to feed the number of invites the automated services will need to send. That means that while the leads may meet the broadest parameters, a large percentage will be less than ideal prospects. Do you have time to vet unqualified prospects?

The approach used with automation software is often very aggressive and sales driven and can alienate what would have been some of your best prospects if you had approached them in a more authentic manner – you only get one time to make a first impression. Instead they flag your account and tell LinkedIn that they don’t know you which leads to your account being restricted.

We offer the middle way!

Very Time
High Conversion

Very Little

The tactics and activities used by all LinkedIn Lead Generation Service Providers are pretty much the same. Yet, some are successful and others not so successful. Why is that?

The devil is in the details. The approach and messaging that is used to reach out to your target market are what differentiates success from failure. Most high-quantity, high activity, simply throwing as many LinkedIn invitations as possible against the wall to see how many stick, do not create an authentic and highly-compelling message to get cold prospects to want to connect with you on LinkedIn and want to have a conversation with you.

Only prospects who need your products or services right now will accept a LinkedIn invitation from someone blatantly sending a cold LinkedIn Connection Request using a direct sales pitch. Prospects who don’t yet know that they will need what you have to offer in 6 months, will pass you by and never connect. Bye-bye sales opportunity!

So, what makes NinjaBee different – and in our opinion better – than the competition?


The price is the same as or lower than what you would pay for many of the automated LinkedIn Lead Generation services (that could get you kicked off LinkedIn).


The LinkedIn Ninja herself, will personally create your custom LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy based on your target market and write your LinkedIn Lead Generation invitation to connect and follow-up LinkedIn message templates. No cookie-cutter, salesy approach or LinkedIn messages here! Also, you won’t be handed off to people who aren’t the expert!


No long-term contracts. The service is month-to-month, but we highly recommend that you give it at least 3 months. This is a snowball process that takes a little time to get going.

What about Posts?!? Aren’t I supposed to be posting stuff? This is “social media”!

NinjaBee has a second superpower! LinkedIn-centric, LinkedIn content marketing services. Most social media services don’t truly understand LinkedIn and how Posts should be structured. As a result, they write Posts on LinkedIn that are more ideal for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - and they don’t work on LinkedIn! No one engages with the LinkedIn Post, so LinkedIn doesn’t show it to many people, which equals very low view counts.

Why? LinkedIn’s algorithm only rewards LinkedIn Posts that create conversations – not simply share content like a statement or announcement.

It takes more than a few sentences to post something conversation worthy. That’s why LinkedIn allows 3,000 characters in a LinkedIn Post – it’s the length of a mini-blog. Most social media services will only write a few sentences. Which again, leads to low engagement and low visibility.

A good, conversational LinkedIn Post that gets engagement can live in the news feed for up to two weeks. LinkedIn also likes it when you mix things up and do not structure all posts exactly the same. So, a mixture of the longer text posts plus some media-based posts (video, images, documents) is most ideal. Lastly, if you post too much and too close together, you can cannibalize the visibility of the previous post.

NinjaBee understands that! The LinkedIn Ninja develops your LinkedIn Content Strategy so that you or your Social Media Bee knows how to position and write LinkedIn Posts that will speak to your target market to get engagement and visibility. The power of the SocialBee App allows your Social Media Bee to set up and schedule your LinkedIn Posts to use LinkedIn Ninja best practices.

You can have it your way!

You can have a standalone LinkedIn Lead Generation package, a standalone LinkedIn Content Marketing package, OR you can put both together for a super-charged LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

While most social media agencies would charge thousands of dollars a month to do both LinkedIn Lead Generation and LinkedIn Content Marketing, you’ll only pay hundreds a month with NinjaBee.


Ryan J. Really Attorney at Law
Brad Freels Account Manager, Quisitive
Steve Platt Inspector, ACV Auctions
Andy McCarthy VP Facilities Management, Norton Healthcare

We are glad we selected The LinkedIn Ninja to help us bring LinkedIn to life! Crystal Thies’s talent and heart was put into setting us up for success. We “fast tracked” with the Treasure Map investment and we are now reaching out to targeted potential clients with a quality profile, messaging campaign, i.e. a LinkedIn marketing strategy. Linkedin now has a Facebook feel so this summer was the time to reallocate my FB time back to my business and Crystal’s LinkedIn Ninja made it happen!

We are now in the game and not on the LinkedIn sidelines thanks to our new teammate Crystal Thies’s skillsets, products, and services.

Crystal did a fantastic job of helping me understand the power of LinkedIn and how to use it. She helped me set up my profile to provide information to my target market as well as how to leverage different parts of LinkedIn to prospect inside my target market. I would recommend Crystal to anyone who wants to get serious about using LinkedIn to increase their network and business.

Crystal always delivers the insight, resources, and effective solutions that I require to grow the impact of my LinkedIn strategies. Today's sales professional must deliver results through comprehensive application of proven and leading practice. I regularly recommend Crystal's services to those that want to elevate relationships and results.

Crystal is a phenomenal LinkedIn resource! If you have any desire whatsoever to grow and positively influence your network, whether for sales, job search, or professional development, you need Crystal. Her comprehensive knowledge of how LinkedIn works combined with her acumen for professionally and effectively developing networks makes her an invaluable resource. Most importantly, she’s results-oriented: everything she suggests is designed to and does in fact produce tangible results. Her consultations with me were jam-packed with insight and proven methodologies. The return on my investment with her was quick and extremely high!